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Lawn Fertilizer Winnipeg

Lawn Fertilizer Winnipeg

A Guide to Spring Clean the Lawn

With the spring season upon us in Winnipeg, it is common to think ahead regarding spending more time outdoors. Using the backyard whether it is for barbecuing, entertaining, or to just simply loosen up in the sun you would like the lawn to look wonderful for the approaching spring and summer seasons. A little additional landscaping work as the weather begins to warm up and the snow melts can help improve soil conditions, avert weed growth, and help the plants grow at the start. The Sodfather can offer all the spring cleaning requirements including lawn repair in Winnipeg.

Make Sure the Lawn is Cleaned Comprehensively

When cleaning the lawn, you would like to take away as much debris that gathered during the winter. This can comprise taking out branches, fallen leaves, dead grass, and other debris that may have left behind. During this time, it is vital to comprehensively rake the lawn and clean out any of the plant beds or garden by taking away debris and dead plants. By removing debris, you can help improve sun exposure and airflow, while also helping avert the growth of bacteria and mold that can harm the plants as well as avert insects from infecting the space.

Lawn Aeration

If you’re planning on utilizing a pre-emergent on the lawn, then you should aerate initially. The Sodfather can clarify any queries you’ve got on the steps to make sure the lawn is healthy. In due course, the soil will start to compact naturally. This makes it hard for the soil to soak up moisture and air that makes it complex for new grasses to root appropriately. Aerating the soil causes it to loosen up that result in enhanced water absorption and soil access. Core aeration is better than spike aeration as it takes away a small plug of soil instead of distributing the soil.

Apply Pre-Emergent and Fertilizers

Having a professional landscaping company like The Sodfather apply pre-emergent and lawn fertilizer in Winnipeg to help avert the growth of weeds makes them simpler to control over the summer. Utilizing a pre-emergent can help avert the growth of weeds from germinating in the lawn while also supplying vital nutrients to the grass to help it grow at the beginning of spring. If you observe broadleaf weeds or crabgrass, then spot treatment can help chuck out such weeds.

Plant and Mulch

Test the soil conditions, ass whatsoever nutrients are required, and plant any new plants or trees that require spring planting. Add as much fertilizer as required and make sure to mulch to protect new plants. If you observe exposed spots in the lawn you should seed them. However, if you’re uncertain regarding anything The Sodfather can clarify any landscaping queries you’ve got.

Get in Touch with The Sodfather

The Sodfather can provide all your landscaping requirements in Winnipeg. We offer services from basic lawn care and maintenance to creating full custom landscaping projects. If you need any type of lawn repair in Winnipeg, feel free to get in touch with us before this spring season.