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What is On-Site Storage?

What is On-Site Storage?

There are many apartment amenities that are in high demand by renters, but only a few are just as beneficial for property owners. On-site storage is one of those amenities and can solve issues of over cluttered hallways and shared spaces all while providing a sought-after benefit for your tenants and putting cashback in your pocket every month. Storage on-site can take different forms, but keep in mind that not all storage units are created equal. Let’s take a deeper dive into why offering storage for your tenants can add value to your property, and what types of storage are best for your bottom line.

On-Site Storage Solves Problems Around Your Property

Offering a designated space for your renters to store their extra belongings keeps shared spaces clear of clutter and the overall image of the property looking clean. If renters don’t have space to store their things, they can resort to stashing their extra belongings in hallways, patios, and other common spaces causing mess and clutter and making the property appear disorganized and unkempt in the eyes of prospective new tenants. Storage units add a sleek style to the overall appearance of your property, and can even add a stylish splash of color. Offering storage in a convenient place for your renters to have easy but secure access to their belongings is a selling point for many renters seeking out a new home, especially in population-dense areas and cities. Studies show that renters prefer to have storage available on-site favorably as opposed to finding their own storage facilities off-site.

Why You Should Avoid Wire Mesh

When finding the best storage fit for your property, it can be tempting to go with an option that seems the simplest and most cost-effective such as wire mesh storage bins. Wire mesh provides very little coverage and security for the user and leaves their extra belongings vulnerable to anything in their surroundings. Wire mesh is essentially see-through, meaning wandering eyes can easily view what is being kept inside, and with as little as a wire cutter make out easily with your tenant’s things. The lack of coverage also leaves the stored belongings vulnerable to the elements, rain, dust, and debris, along with insects and other critters that can make their way between the wire. Mesh storage also tends to look unkempt and messy, often lowering the overall attractiveness and style of a property to a prospective renter. Since the mesh is see-through, unless the renter has diligently organized their stored belongings, the mess and disorganization of their things is on full display. Wire mesh may seem like the best bang for your buck, however, there are many better and more secure options on the market that stay within the same price point.

The Bradyl Solution

Bradyl Storage Solutions creates storage bins that give your tenants the privacy and security your renters desire without breaking the bank. With different models, some even able to be adorned with with a large variety of colored locking doors, Bradyl has the perfect storage solution for your property and budget.

The Bradyl Bin is the kind of storage unit you may picture when you hear the term. Traditional style storage lockers with a swing open door that can be locked with a padlock for ultimate security and privacy. These storage bins are about the same price as wire mesh units, and provide all the security and design that wire mesh lacks. Turn your unused space into a monthly income by installing Bradyl bins for your tenants.

The Bradyl Box is an innovative over-car storage unit that turns previously unusable space into a private and secure storage space. It can hold up to 900 pounds of stored items, securely over the hood of the vehicle in an existing parking space. Adjustable legs allow the box to fit easily over any car or SUV, and most sized trucks.