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What Makes Armonia New Capital Compound Special?

What Makes Armonia New Capital Compound Special?

Armonia compound is a project in New Capital, Egypt that contains 42 acres; with a structure proportion of just 20% (90% of the structures are independent).

Armonia New Capital Compound Area

Armonia compound lies in the best locations of R7 just minutes from the Embassies neighborhood/ the Cathedral/ the funicular and University of the new capital. The project is identified by a special layout with independent structures with the circulation of club services, environment-friendly locations and lakes to accomplish personal privacy and distinct views of all units.

Armonia New Administrative Capital project in R7 on a main axis parallel to the Container Zayed Axis. The project is only 800 meters from the polite quarter, and likewise a couple of meters between it and more than an international Universities.

Armonia Compound New Capital Solutions:

  • Large environment-friendly areas
  • Committed reading locations
  • Dedicated areas for relaxation, yoga and spiritual sporting activities
  • BBQ areas
  • Running and cycling tracks
  • swimming pool
  • Leisure locations
  • Sport club
  • Restaurants & coffee shops
  • High typical healthy product
  • Business location
  • 24-hour safety and protecting
  • Personal and public garages
  • British college and international institutions

Armonia Offers Unique Repayment Methods for a certain Period

Armonia offer the most unique payment methods by paying 8% in advance and with installments that reaches up to 12 years with discounts of approximately 20%.

40% money discount rate for a limited period.

Business Units & Shops

Have a Retail Store in the Armonia Project
The mall lies in R7 on a location of 18 thousand square meters on the primary central axis directly beside the Diplomatic Quarter, 2 kilometers from the Environment-friendly River and 1.5 km from the Concert hall, with the presence of worldwide Brands like: (LEVIS – ADIDAS – TIMBERLAND – GEOX).

Store average area is 42 square meters on the First floor:
Overall cost prior to discount rate is 3,405,999 EGP for a limited time.

Pay your first installation in 2021.

First Deal 5 Years.
15% discount rate.
Overall price after discount 2,895,099 EGP for a limited time.
10% Down payment = 289,510 EGP.
Quarterly installments = 137,136 EGP.
6 years second deal.
12% discount rate.
Total cost after discount = 2,997,279 EGP for a limited time.
Deposit 10% = 299,728 EGP.
Quarterly installments = 117,285 EGP.
You can also buy a Pharmacy in Armonia Project.
The project lies directly on the main axis in the 7th household area. The project has many international firms offering 1,700 families and more than 60 clinics in the project, which is located beside the Diplomatic Quarter and the university there.