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Top 5 Suggestions to Choose Best Lighting for Garage Workshop

Top 5 Suggestions to Choose Best Lighting for Garage Workshop

A garage workshop looks bigger and brighter if you use proper lighting. Moreover, a well-lit garage workshop creates a perfect space for working by allowing you to focus on the details of your project. You can choose from a number of lighting options available online and in stores.

Lighting fixtures vary in energy efficiency, type, size, and brightness. You can choose while keeping in mind the need for your work and a few suggestions given below. You can also search for LED supplies near me to make your work easier. But select lights that are Edison Testing laboratory or Underwriters Laboratory certified as it will ensure safety.

Here we have listed factors to keep in mind while choosing the best lighting for your garage workshop:

Three Types of Lighting

There are three types of lighting options available in the market. Ambient lighting is used to light up the walls and floors. These lights help you in a safe walk around the garage. You can install a door opener with built-in lights, overhead lights, or flush-mount lights that are fixed to the ceiling.

The second type of lighting is Task lighting and it helps you when you have to work on detail-oriented projects.

Task lighting that you can choose is trouble lights or shop lights. The third type is Accent lighting that is used to put emphasis on showpieces by putting light on them. You will need all of these three types of lights for your garage.

Ideal Brightness for Garage

Every corner of your garage workshop should be well illuminated. If we go a few years back, brightness was usually measured by the watts it consumed. But today, lumens are used to measure brightness. And lumen is a scientific measurement of the light output. The highest the number of lumens, brightest it will be. For your garage, an ideal bulb will be with 3500 plus lumens.

Moreover, you need ambient lighting 50 lumens per square foot, task lighting around 300 lumens per square foot, and accent lighting 75 lumens per square foot.

Choose Energy Efficient Bulb

Everyone likes to save dollars on energy bills and it can be possible by choosing energy-efficient bulbs. LED energy-saving bulbs are ideal for your garage workshop and environment. These bulbs consume 60 % less energy than conventional lighting systems. It means a 10 watts LED bulb will give you the same brightness as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Another benefit of using LED bulbs is that it doesn’t emit UV rays as it doesn’t contain mercury. Additionally, you can use LED bulbs even for small spaces because they don’t give off much heat.

Consider Temperature Too

While choosing lights for your garage workshop, choose lights that have temperatures ranged from 400K and 7000K. Here K stands for Kelvin. Lights that have temperatures in this range are the brightest ones and give you optimum brightness just like a sun.

If you will choose lights that have a lower temperature than this, it will strain your eyes when you will have to do detailed work. As these lights are dim. Remember, lights with lower temperature emit bluer light, and lights with higher temperature emit more orange light.

Choose Lights with Easy Installation

Another suggestion for you is to choose lights that are easy to install. You can see the instructions booklet and choose the ones with easier installation. Because if you are installing lights by yourself, you may damage the light fixture while installing lights.

You can choose lights that you can easily hang or mount on a surface. You can get lights having chains or pull-cord ones. And the last thing, before purchasing make sure you get all the accessories that you need to install lights along with the lights.