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Why Apartment Tenants Prefer On-Site Storage

Why Apartment Tenants Prefer On-Site Storage

There are many noteworthy amenities that property owners can offer tenants that are highly sought after, but none that bring the value, security, and design to your property like on-site storage. The benefits that come with on-site storage are vast and invaluable, for both you and your tenants. From adding a sleek design to the aesthetic of your apartment complex to providing superior security and safety for your renters to putting an end to cluttered hallways and patios. Apartment tenants only have so many options for storing extra items, stow them away in hallways, patios, and other shared spaces; or rent out a storage unit for extra space. Offering on-site storage units gives the tenants an easy and efficient place to store unneeded items that is close and accessible when they need it. 

Safety and Security 

One of the biggest reasons why onsite storage is so highly sought after is the invaluable safety and security it can potentially bring to your property. Picking the right storage system is vital for this, because not all storage systems are created equal. Some lesser storage styles lacking security may inevitably backfire and be rendered useless when renters don’t feel safe using them. One example of this is wire mesh, the shockingly popular storage that seems cost-effective but offers little to no coverage for your renters’ items. 

The pitfalls of wire mesh stem from the lack of privacy and coverage provided by the mesh. This can lead to petty thieves, insect infestation, and many more unpleasant things. Because of this, renters typically feel they are not worth the money to rent out monthly, and the storage units sit unused. To avoid the lackluster results of wire mesh, selecting a storage system that is sturdy, private, and secure is imperative. When your tenants feel that the safety of their belongings is a priority it conveys a sense of care from owner to renter. Potential tenants can form a higher opinion of your property because of the added security and safety offered that comes with on-site storage, putting your property at the top of desirable places to live. 

Keeping Your Grounds Tidy

Like we said before when renters have too many belongings to fit in their apartments, they can resort to stowing away these items in hallways, patios, and other shared spaces. This is inconvenient to your other renters and overall can make your property look messy and unkempt. When the renters’ only option to acquire storage is to rent an outside unit somewhere far from home, it makes it difficult to access their things when they need them, which is why they may think storing in places that are not designated for storage is a better option. When you offer a designated, safe and private space for your tenants to keep their extra things, they get to store what they need in a place that is close and easily accessible when they need it. This keeps your property looking cleaner, your other tenants are happy with their common spaces. 

The Extra Benefit for You

The best-added benefit for property owners who offer on-site storage is the monthly added income! Offering high-quality storage that offers privacy and security is valuable to renters, and depending on the amount of space and security they can be willing to pay anywhere from $10 to $35 extra a month more than they would pay for less private options. Some apartments bring in upwards of $100 per month for on-site storage units. You add sleek design, invaluable safety and security, and designated storage for the organization of your property, all while putting an extra check in your pocket monthly. On-site storage is truly a win-win for property owners and tenants alike.