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5 Handmade and 5 Ready-Made Gift Items for a DIY Basket

5 Handmade and 5 Ready-Made Gift Items for a DIY Basket

Moments that make us ponder the 5w and 1h are the strongest ones to overcome and yield applicable outcomes. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings breakups, patch-ups, and similar such moments in life when we question our ability to do something that is high above the bar for everyone to be startled. And the answer to doing this is with a DIY gift basket where you pledge to make it all come together by yourself. You will have to find love and depth in your relationship to complete a mission, like this very amazing yet hard-work-demanding DIY gift basket. We believe that it works out the best when a combination of your effort you go through to make a handmade present and the happiness ready-made gifts bring is put together. Hence keeping a convenient option on some tough things like handmade cake or online cake delivery, LED cushions or handmade sweaters is only clever. Yet we bring to you 5 and 5 of each of these confusing present’s options to surprise your loved one.

Handmade Presents

Handmade Flowers

Poor men burdened with stereotypes of how manliness is defended are still unaware of the pure love a flower, showers. And especially when it is handmade under the guidance of a YouTube tutorial, some green and red ribbon and a truck full of courage.

Handmade Chocolates

Chocolates in milk, dark, strawberry, butterscotch and other flavours can be made at home by buying raw ingredients together. It has become fairly easy to put this one together.

Handmade Greeting Card

Handmade greeting cards are tougher to make not because of the decorations and creativity but the content that goes into making it a memorable one.


This one must have weirded you out but it’s also possible now. People like to make their soap in preferable scents and ingredients and you can make one for your friends with some customization as well.

Handstitched Clothing

If you are good at it you can think of making a pair of dashing outfit for your friend with your creative skills of stitching and knowledge of the latest trend. And there won’t be a better gift ever made.

Ready-Made Presents

Pinata Cake

This one is fairly easy but it still is preferable to be bought from the market in case you are not sure of your baking skills. Buy it in any shape any flavour it will steal all hearts.

Customised Present

A customised present like a LED cushion, bottle lamp, LED photo frame, keychain, wallpaper caricature should be a top choice to make the hamper stand out.

Cosmetic Kit

Get a cosmetic kit no matter the gender. Products are now for everyone who wishes to define themselves the way they want. Foundation, powder, concealer, face mask, scrub and a lot more like those can be a part of it.


Perfume from a good brand with a not so ordinary fragrance should be your pick. And don’t mind doing thorough research to reach the best perfume there is.


The best wine is the oldest one, find the best you can and gift it to your loved one reminding them old is gold and so is your never-ending friendship till the end of the world.