Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Space Saving Furniture For Your Outdoor Setting

Space Saving Furniture For Your Outdoor Setting

Regardless of the size of your outdoor living area, it’s a space that should be enjoyed. With people being locked inside their homes on and off for most of 2020 it made us realise the importance of being able to utilise our outdoor area even if it is smaller. Your outdoor setting should be designed for your enjoyment whether that is entertaining friends or relaxing outside listening to a podcast or reading a good book. Here are some factors you need to consider when it comes to your outdoor space.

The Size of Your Space

The size of your space has a significant impact on the style and size of the furniture you should be buying. If you have a smaller area the last thing you will want to do is overcrowd the space with furniture. The trick is to choose the pieces that fit into the space without overpowering the entire space. Proportional seating is the main thing to consider. Think about where you are going to place this seating, so your space doesn’t look cluttered yet is inviting guests who come over. If you could only have one piece of furniture outside, it should be a seat (or two if you can fit it.)


Small outdoor areas are usually multifunctional storage areas for apartment owners. Because of this, it’s important to invest in pieces that are versatile. If you’re limited when it comes to storage solutions, look at purchasing outdoor stools or a bench that comes with built in storage. This is ideal to store extra rugs, outdoor pillows or outdoor utensils that are needed. If possible, you must always try before you buy. This is particularly important when it comes to seating as you will be using this frequently and don’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable one. You and your friends and family will be less likely to enjoy your outdoor space if your seating is uncomfortable. For the most comfortable solutions, look at seating that comes with cushioned seat cover. It’s important to check with the experts and make sure seating and cushioning is designed for outdoor use and can maintain its quality throughout the different weather conditions.

Multipurpose furniture isn’t only good for storage, it’s also great for doubling as extra seating when you need it. For example, an ottoman can also be used for seating, or resting drinks and plates. This style of furniture is ideal for smaller outdoor areas.

Furniture That Is Durable

Often high-rise balconies can get extremely dirty, particularly if it’s one that’s on a higher level and isn’t protected from the wind. If your space is similar to this, look at purchasing furniture that is darker in colour. Lighter coloured furniture is more prone to becoming dirty and stained. Choosing darker options, particularly with outdoor cushions will help disguise any spills or dirt. We recommend keeping your white or off-white colour for inside only. Opt for easy-care outdoor furniture. Many metals, teak and cedar materials are durable when it comes to outdoor use. All you need is a regular clean to keep them looking in good condition. Often a wipe down with a gentle detergent is all you need. If you’re accessorising your outdoor furniture with pillows. Take off the pillowcases and machine wash them to keep them looking clean and fresh.


Take the time to measure out your space before you purchase anything. Taking photos and measurements can be extremely beneficial when you’re searching for new furniture. Ask advice from the experts, showing them a visual of your space will be extremely helpful. If you have a smaller space, select pieces that are smaller and more compact so it’s in proportion with your garden. If you have a larger outside area don’t be afraid to get larger more oversized furniture to really make a statement.