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Different Styles to Decorate with Floating Shelves

Different Styles to Decorate with Floating Shelves

One of the mystical creatures of nature is floating shelves; they just seem to fit everywhere. When you need a little more room or if you want to bring some visual appeal to a room, they’re always the perfect option. And they’re extremely flexible because they come in all different types and sizes.

Here are few illustrations in nearly every room of the home of floating shelves done right and examples. So, it doesn’t actually matter exactly where you want your shelves to be set up, you get protected.

Over the Screen—Over the TV

To bring the eyes up, install some rustic wooden shelves above your TV. In this instance, the TV blends into the background The addition of color-coded titles to your shelves to draw the spotlight away from the TV is another enjoyable technique.

Dish View—Dish Display

Between the current kitchen cabinets, try installing a few shelves. You may show the most elegant dishes and glasses and, depending on the time of year or season, simply adjust them.

Collecting Books

To view books like a magazine shelf, these small rustic shelves are included. This will suit well because you have a variety of side table books to show. For the showing of framed artwork or family pictures, it may also be a perfect solution.

In the Storage Room for Washing

Another perfect place to install shelves if you have the space is the laundry room. With a few extra floating racks, you can improve your storage capacity and easily enhance the efficiency of your laundry room. If you’re not using the additional storeroom, you can install some artwork or some flowers to spice up your bedroom.

Versatile Bookshelf for Books

Instead of a bookshelf, floating shelves may also be used, all hanging in a series. If all the books are equally spaced, the shelves can be hung equidistant from each other. Floating shelves, though, will also allow you to configure the space between each shelf to take books of all various sizes into account.

In the Storage Room for Kids

A perfect addition to a contemporary kid’s space will be these white and gold shelves. They could do quintuple as both a way to put books and a place to view nice decor. Place the shelves high if you’d like to make sure the youngster doesn’t touch the shelf or below low for fast access.

In the Hallway

Try installing some floating shelves if you happen to have some dead room at the end of your corridor. These wooden shelves are exclusively decorative, but they help to bring to life a section of the house that would otherwise have been bare.

To add a splash of color to a gallery, you can also use wall shelves. Here, shelves are used on the wall to create some visual appeal in a white kitchen. This is a great instance of how to use shelves in your home in an uncomfortable room. In this location, the use of shelves adds harmony to the living room, but keeps items hidden away as well. The flexibility of the shelves always makes it easy for the homeowners to go further than a standard bookshelf.