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3 Ways That Your Home Will Benefit from Roofing Insulation

3 Ways That Your Home Will Benefit from Roofing Insulation

You may not be aware of this fact, but roofs are responsible for more than 35% of the heat lost in the average home, and an uninsulated roof can cost households dearly when it comes to paying their energy bills. Work with a reputable roofing contractor to ensure that your roof is properly insulated, however, and you can start reaping the rewards of lower energy bills and a warmer, or cooler home when you need it the most.

Read on to discover more about the ways in which your home could benefit from professionally installed roofing insulation:

What Type of Insulation Should You Choose?

There are two main types of roofing insulation, warm and cold, and your chosen roofing specialist can help you determine which would be best for your particular home:

Cold Insulation

Cheaper than other forms of insulation, cold insulation is placed over and between the wooden roof joists by a roofing contractor, over the ceiling of the top floor in your home. While the thriftier solution, this only serves to prevent heat from escaping your home.

Warm Insulation

Placed directly under the roof, this type of roofing insulation helps to reduce heat loss and keep your home at an ambient temperature during both winter and summer months. It’s important to seek help from a professional roofing contractor when installing warm insulation, gutter repair near me since there are several important factors to take into consideration, such as adequate ventilation below roof tiles to avoid condensation.

What Are The 3 Most Significant Benefits of Professionally Installed Roofing Insulation?

You Can Make Real Savings On Energy Bills

It’s easy to save money on your energy bills when your roof has been fitted with proper insulation, since it prevents all unnecessary loss of heat or cold when you need it the most. While statistics vary, the average homeowner typically reports saving as much as 20% on their energy bills after having roofing insulation professionally installed.

Roofing Insulation Can Prevent Long Term Damage

A roof that hasn’t been fitted with adequate insulation can quickly lead to snow melting, which then leads to ice dams on the roof. If you’re not already aware, ice dams and any excess moisture on or around a roof can cause costly, irreparable damage if left untreated over time.

Roofing Insulation Helps to Protect the Planet

Doing their bit for the environment has become something that most homeowners are keen to do, and when a professional roofing contractor has installed insulation for your roof, you’ll not only lower your energy bills, but help to reduce pollution; which can have a significant positive impact on the environment around us, and from a global perspective.

Still not convinced that roofing insulation is a worthwhile investment? Talk to a qualified and reputable local roofing contractor about insulation for your roof, and you just might be surprised at how cost-effective it can be, especially when you factor in the long term savings you’re guaranteed to make on your energy bills.