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How To Keep Your Metal Picture Frames Clean?

How To Keep Your Metal Picture Frames Clean?

Who doesn’t want to take care of the captured memories? Many people spend buying beautiful and antique metal picture frames that add beauty to their images. But to keep them in good condition it becomes important to clean them regularly.

Keeping your artwork in the great condition makes your home decor worthy and gives your place a lively feel.

So, if you too have picture frames at your place than it is important to take care of it and keep them away from dirt and dust.

Tips To Clean Metal Picture Frames

Do Regular Dusting

As you clean and dust furniture and home accessories, so are the necessity to clean your picture frame. You can use the feather duster, or another synthetic duster to remove dust. You can do this even without removing it from the wall by being careful to protect them from falling off.

In case, you have not dusted off the picture frames for months, then it is better to take them down and wipe them with the damp cloth to remove the dust. For wiping do not spray any cleansing agent directly on the frame to prevent moisture from getting into the photo.

Deep Cleansing Of Frames For Pictures

Taking off the hung picture from the wall can take off the accumulated dust from the frames. For a better result, you can opt for the deep cleansing of metal frames.

Start your work, by lying down the frame on the flat surface carefully on the soft towel or blanket. Disassemble it to remove the photo and keep it aside at a safe and clean place.

Now start cleaning by removing dust from its glazing. Clean glass using the glass cleaner for the frames, pick the gentle soap. You can simply wipe the metal picture frame body by rubbing it with the soap solution. To avoid any kind of scratch rub it with the lint-free towel.

If you have unlacquered pewter, sterling silver, or is silver plated then make it more attractive with the silver polish.

For acrylic, frames use specific acrylic cleaner and use it only after going through guidelines written on the bottle to take the right care of the frames.

After cleaning the glazing and glass lay them at the safe place and assemble them back once all the moisture removes and is completely dried off.

Bottom Lines

Cleaning the metal frame not only increases the life of frames but also adds beauty to your image.

Hopefully, this piece of advice helps you in getting a job done without harming metal frames for  pictures. Following the right steps and strategy right from the beginning will help you get that new and shiny metal picture frames once again.

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So save all that you have captured and keep it in memory for years by getting the right choice on metal frames.