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7 Tips for Better Bathroom Remodeling in Houston, TX

7 Tips for Better Bathroom Remodeling in Houston, TX

Bathroom remodeling in Houston, TX is a snap with the right strategy. There are a few things you should keep in mind during bathroom renovation to ensure the best experience and results possible. Read on to learn the most important pieces to consider during a Houston bathroom remodeling project.

1 – Decide Your Budget First

Before you delve into any remodeling ideas, it’s important to set a budget. Think about what you can spend, and that will better define what you can get done. This is especially helpful if you have tons of ideas and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Once you have your budget, then you can start looking for bathroom remodeling in Houston, TX.

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2 – Think About Form AND Function

Sure, a double bowl sink may look amazing, but does your countertop have enough space? Maybe you’re dreaming of a walk-in shower, sauna, and jet tub. It sounds great, but you don’t have enough space to fit it all! Plus, will it fit in with the rest of your decor? Try to look at the big picture. If you’re unsure, ask your contractor when you meet for the initial consultation. They can help your dreams come to life while also keeping you realistic.

3 – Consider Your Setting

Houston is hot and humid pretty much all year round; however, many people still keep up beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces. Consider adding some glass or a window from your shower to the outdoors. That way, you can revel in the sunshine and beautiful green spaces without having to step outside into the heat. Of course, make sure your window’s view is hidden from your neighbors!

4 – Get Everything in Writing

Don’t let a contractor quote you pricing in a conversation. Make sure you get an official quote in writing. This will ensure you don’t get scammed and keep the contractor true to their word. Before signing anything, read the entire contract and ask whatever questions you need answered. Also, confirm the details of your bathroom remodeling in Houston, TX with your remodeling contractor before the job begins.

5 – Embrace New Ideas

Maybe you’ve been wanting bathroom remodeling Houston, TX for years and have a certain look in mind. However, real life doesn’t always line up with your dreamy expectations. Like we mentioned above in #2, some ideas simply can’t be implemented without losing function or looking strange in your space. Talking to your remodeling contractor can help you understand what will work, what won’t, and how to bring your dream bathroom remodeling Houston TX to life. Sometimes you may have to make adjustments to make everything look just the way you want it – just take a breath and roll with it. If you’re feeling stuck, ask your contractor for ideas. They can help you decide on a design that makes your bathroom look incredible.

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6 – Think About How You Use Your Bathroom

One of the most important things people forget during bathroom remodeling Houston TX is the specific way they use their bathroom. Do you take showers rather than baths? Is the storage in your bathroom not sufficient? Do you need a more accessible space? Do you share your bathroom with someone but not have enough space for everyone’s stuff? No matter what your needs, discuss them with your remodeling contractor so they understand how best to meet those needs in your remodel.

7 – Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Maybe you love a zen, relaxing feel but are also craving a pop of color with some classic elegance. But here’s the problem: you don’t know how to fuse the two without creating a disorganized clashing mess! That’s where your remodeling contractor can help. Simply sit down with them and tell them about your vision. They can help you accomplish it by putting realistic expectations to your dreams. Maybe that waterfall-style sink won’t work with your décor, but maybe they have an even better idea you’ll love that will still make everything work perfectly in your space.

At the end of the day, your Houston bathroom can be whatever you want it to be. Just consider these tips when you start your next bathroom remodeling project to make sure it’s the best it can be!

AUTHOR BIO: Hannah Valentine